We believe every child should have an opportunity for adventure, fun and connection; to learn, thrive and be empowered with positive messages about themselves and their potential.

our ethics and giving back - every child should have fun, adventure and connection 

$1 from every purchase to goes to life-changing causes

We are proud to support three life changing charities that help out kids in need through i=Change.

We now donate $1 from every purchase to your choice of three life-saving projects helping kids in Australia and around the world survive, thrive, be empowered, and find joy.

We asked who you’d like us to support, and based on all your answers we chose these three incredible causes:

  1. Bring joy to sick kids (Starlight Foundation)
  2. Help tiny babies survive (Adara Development)
  3. Support a child to recover after abuse (Australian Childhood Foundation)

Now, when you shop with Wild Island, after checkout, you can choose where our $1 donation goes, and make a difference in the lives of these kids.

  our ethics and giving back - wild island apparel partner with i=change to give $ from every purchase to kids charities

Tasmanian Designed and Owned

We’re a 100% Australian owned small business. We design our entire range here on our own wild island of Tasmania, Australia. Learn more about us here

 wild island of Tasmania


Ethically Made 

We work very closely with high quality, ethical manufacturers in China who craft our designs into clothing, custom made for Wild Island. 

We have carefully chosen manufacturers who produce high quality clothes, and who ensure that all their employees are paid fair wages, work in comfortable and safe working conditions, and whose rights are protected by labour law. Our manufacturers source the fabrics locally, meaning the fabric travels less distance to where it is made. 

 ethically made - quality fabrics


Buy Less, Buy Quality, Pass it on.

We don’t believe in fast fashion. Our range is made from durable, wear-resistant, easy-care, comfortable fabrics and designs, and all our kids items are gender neutral. This means you can buy less, but buy quality pieces that are loved, worn often and truly last, and when your kids outgrow them, they can be passed on to brothers, sisters, cousins or friends.  

Save time, hassle, money and the planet by buying less, and passing it on – even between boys and girls - like Courtney Adamo's kids (pictured) plan to do!

 buy less buy quality pass it on, like Courtney Adamo's kids between brothers and sisters


Compostable and Recyclable Packaging

We are in the process of switching over to using Better Packaging Co compostable post satchels, as part of working towards eliminating single-use plastics in our packaging.  

We have also just sourced and switched to compostable poly bags for all our new products (another reason to get a set of grown-up overalls!).

Our flyers are of course recyclable, but we hope they’ll spend some time on your fridge before that, to help you plan that next adventure!

more eco-friendly and sustainable, compostable and recyclable packaging with better packaging co


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